Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Entertainment Man Talk Show Would of Turned 10 Years Old Today!

                Today would of marked 10 years since The Entertainment Man Talk Show started it's crazy adventure. Yes it is very sad to think almost a week and a bit marks 3 years since the series went from on a high note to a very low note as Larry and I wrapped up our very last episode taping ever in the history of the show not knowing it's future till June the very next year when the show went from on another hiatus to being completely cancelled and lost all episodes of Season 5 & 6. 

                Yes it still feels very much raw and there are days where I feel sad and feeling down. The reason is because I am thinking of the old show, the memories that I made with my friends, the laughs, the drama on set, but I will take what I learned as a YouTuber and take it to the Chris B On The Web and the way Operations run here in this one man studio of a studio now. I have spoken to my alumni about a mini reunion and it's going to happen hopefully this fall at some point and hopefully the studio is fixed up and looking better then before without the holes in the wall unit right across the wall. I am not making this get together a big deal but it is a way to celebrate the series success within the 4 seasons that are still out there to this day. I have said it before and I will say it again, I do miss my old YouTube life and the show all together but I am quite content with what I am up to this day now.

              Memories I have that will never go away, that is something I will always have for the rest of my life. I wish the series went the full stretch to the 10 year mark like I had planned originally but if it wasn't for certain 2 people quitting, the show probably more then likely would of continued on but yet Everything About Reality TV Wouldn't be at where it's at to this actual day. But I cannot thank the Team I had throughout it's 7 year's of it's long run of a web series, they helped me with the filming and production of the series, without them non of the episodes would be taped. 


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