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Monday, May 14, 2018

YouTube Is Broken....

           All right, I did not want to end up ranting again about YouTube once again but last week I noticed that YouTube is broken. I am getting notifications on a video from a channel I am subscribed from that was posted up days or a week or so ago. Like what the heck YouTube? Why are you sending me notifications for videos posted up days or weeks ago when I probably, more then likely have seen the video? I know the system is really odd but it is just getting ridiculous. 

           I still love YouTube but I shouldn't be getting notifications for videos that I have seen, I am not sure why but it is hard to decipher this problem and as I am writing this post, I just got a notification from May 3rd 6 days later from when it was posted up. Makes no sense does it? Like I already watched the video, YouTube does not need to remind me to watch it when I already 1 step ahead of it all.It is annoying, honestly to see a video I've already seen. Feels like YouTube is trying to clickbait me to watch it again, I mean yes if I enjoyed it, I'd re-watch it again and yes I have done that in the past and would watch it once again but there is no need YouTube to send me notification to the videos I have or have not seen. I know YouTube has had their share of problems in the past couple of years but like come on, enough is enough with the issues.

             I will show my love but I am starting to be annoyed by this problem being a regular occurrence, everyday or every couple of days now I am getting random notifications saying a video from one of the channels that I am subscribe to and of course I click on it, thinking it's new but I look at the date, it's from like anywhere 1 - 6 days ago... Trust me it makes me boil inside to get notifications to videos I've watched already. I just dunno how much longer YouTube will be around unless they fix this problem and fast. Only time will tell, because I truly still love watching videos on YouTube, it is just so frustrating to have this problem happen.