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Sunday, May 27, 2018

What Can I Improve Operations @ Chris B On The Web Studios?

                I know this season was an appalling mess, very unorganized and unprofessional if you ask me. But I did the best I can to fix the situation and try and keep up but I know you guys were very understanding on some of the situation this season, but I want to do better and improve on my organizational skills and operations around this studio. So what can I do to improve?

1) Plan ahead of time, have a schedule that is actually going to work for me and this way the content is going to be out not the following week like this season ended up happening half the time during the season coverage. When out of town like I was this year, I need to re-schedule ahead of time as well and have an alternative day ready.

2) Holidays, that was the problem too, I wasn't ready to handle the holidays and the content at the same time, I need to utilize my calendar both on my phone, my computer and of course my calendar I have, the physical calendar I carry on the daily basis. 

3) Maybe schedule podcasts later, like 9 pm EDT? 8 pm seemed to not work in the past, so I think I need to adjust the times again as 8 pm isn't working out at this point I am going to change the scheduling around. 

4) Blog posts will have 2 theme days, First Monday of the month, Weight Loss update, and Thursdays, Throwback Thursday story.

                 So that it my plan moving forward with trying to improve things and making things run more efficiently and effectively, I do not want to disappointment you guys again and want to start making things up to you guys for the failure in production of the podcasts especially which has been a fail royally but in the end I am glad you guys stuck by me through the thick and thin of things. 😊