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Monday, June 20, 2022

Chris is Absent From The Blog


          I am Chris's Community Manager, Sophie. Today he is off. I am not 100% what is going on with him right now but if he needs time to himself then I am allowing him to have this time to himself right now. What he's told me privately he won't be around the Facebook Community of his and this blog till Thursday. So the Eagles review he has will be on either Wednesday or Thursday. I know he is going to Fiesta Week this week with his dad to try some different food so I believe with the shortage of time, he will be doing a 2 in 1 post probably Thursday instead. I do not know what the plan with that but he is currently got a bunch of plans. I think if worse comes to worse, he will probably do a Saturday post this week as this week has started to become a bit wacky. 

         I do know hes had some drama in his real life that he's dealing with and he's not happy one bit and could be one of the reasons he's disappeared for a few days. I know he is working on Entertainment Man Podcast's new feed which has been a headache and a half for us to figuring out the numbers haven't been up to snuff as he was working on it and the numbers were not lining up so he has started over again from the start so it does and he is being careful as he is is wanting to make sure that all episodes are accounted for and we came up with a plan and counted all the 106 episodes that he has done now. We hope he finishes that today so he can get back to Megaforce as he has started that now. I will talk to you all tomorrow, have a fantastic day,

Sophie, Community Manager of ChrisBOnTheWeb

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Having Trouble Re-Adjusting To A Lighter Schedule

                 As it has been 2.5 weeks since Big Brother Canada ended, i have not gotten out of game mode since the season finished...  My mind is still is in game mode where I have to get podcasts out Thursday and Friday's but that's not the case now, I should be in Survivor mode up to the end of the week as the finale is this week and Season 6 is a wrap for my podcast and I am Officially off the clock for actual scheduled Podcasts. I will be starting off season podcasts and there will be plenty of em to come during the off season, one of em with Larry as you probably can hint from my Instagram posts from time to time. 

                Now back to the fact it has been almost 3 weeks now since BB Canada has ended and I am still an appalling mess trying to figure out what the heck to do with my extra time and I think I have found things to do. The website which was put on hiatus due to the podcasting schedule getting in the way of things. However I have to try and stay productive with Chris B On The Web and I have. The website has been completed, the first round of BETA Testing is done, waiting on the final round of testing to come. But in the way of podcast content, I am just feeling bored without doing 2 or 3 podcasts a week. I need my podcast fix, you know what I mean? I am just not use to having free time on my hands anymore as TV Show's are now slowly wrapping up, I will have tons of time on my hands and have to use my time wisely!

                Finally I have to be patient during this time of transition and change for me and I think I am doing OK, but I could really do a bit better at the level of transition from 3 podcasts to 2 then to 1 then down to 1 maybe every second week, maybe every week at the most for the off season podcast but transition is something I have to learn to get better at and that is for tomorrow's blog post as this one has inspired another post for tomorrow. 

Have a great day!