Friday, May 18, 2018

Behind The Scenes In The Entertainment Industry! (YouTube)

                   Today I want to talk about Behind The Scenes in the entertainment industry. I am doing a 2 part blog post as I have been through different types of the entertainment industry online, YouTube which I will be talking about today and of course what I am doing in this current day, podcasting. Two different industries but excited to talk about both in this post and tomorrow's post as well. 

                    YouTube, seems like something I haven't done in ages now. It has been almost 2 years since my last ever video I ever made. It was fun days to make videos and see the reaction from you guys was so amazing. For those who don't know, The Entertainment Man Talk Show ran a long time, about 6 years not including the hiatus that took place between Fall 2010 and Summer 2012. It was a very successful series but it got a little stale after a while as it the ideas started to go downhill and the views went downhill, it was clearly time for change and with the way YouTube was heading, it was a good move to get off the platform. However behind the scenes there are different parts, planning, getting ideas together, get a script or discussion topics to talk about and I introduced myself to cue cards and it became very effective. The next part was the filming. It could take up to 45 minutes to record depending on the episode and how long breaks were when I added in the chimerical breaks between segments. Now between the filming, I am putting fluids in my body to make sure my throat doesn't get dry and trust me I drink enough water during the shoot of a video. The way we had it setup we had the intro track which I can hear the theme in my head from time to time.  Now also between the filming I also gave, Eric, Dave, Brent, Larry instructions for the next segment, so I played the director role as well as the Exec Producer and Host I had tons of roles on the show besides the host. I pretty well did everything on the series. But the other team I had were my dream team back in the day, I had to also rely on them as well. Usually on set there was about 2 - 3 of us that did on the set related stuff. Now behind the scenes, it takes me hours to edit an episode of The Entertainment Man Talk Show I will usually wait till the next day to start editing but sometimes I start to edit right off the bat. But usually the next day when I was in the world of vlogging my life every single day.

                      That is what typically happens behind the scenes for the prep of an episode, on the day of filming and behind the scenes of the editing of an video. It was truly a lot of work to do behind the scenes but in the end it was worth all the hard work for people to see what think of the episode once it is posted up on YouTube. I truly did enjoy my time as a YouTube but I am now much happier as a Podcaster and I will be talking about it on Sunday's blog post. 


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