Saturday, May 19, 2018

Would of Been 10 Years On YouTube This Year!

               This year would of marked 10 years on YouTube platform but I was short by 2.5 years short from celebrating 10 years on the platform. Yes I realize I have been making videos before January 31st, 2008. I was active making videos outside the platform from December 9th, 2005 till that date. But 10 years is a long time and I wish I stayed on to celebrate the 10 years but I didn't.  I made so much content made over the 8 years but I could of continue with Everything About Reality TV, but again I went with my gut instinct and listened to my heart. But to create so much content, it was rewarding within itself to go back and look back at the videos I have made. 

                If I can remember, my first ever video that I put up that I took down was the 2nd episode of Durham Entertainment Today's first season which I got NO clue why I took it down. Maybe the fact the drama behind the scenes, I felt ashamed, I was trying to hide the fact not all was peachy on set. But after that the fun began with The Entertainment Man Talk Show and I will never forget how much fun. The laughter that happened on set, the fun. I can picture everything in my head as I am typing this post up. I can say, taping that series there was so much joking around, laughing and yes Cursing! LOL. It was such a pleasure  to meet so many different people, talking with my regulars who commented on my videos regularly. 

               Where would I be if still on YouTube? Probably Everything About Reality TV would have a place on the platform. I probably have to keep it family friendly as the facts of the family friendly content and the adpocolypse so it would still be hard. I would actually still record the podcast on Audio ONLY in case YouTube decided they had enough of me and boot me off the platform. I would make sure to have all the copies of the video. But 10 year down the line, I probably end up continuing on with the podcast or making a total separate account for the podcasts at least but would of loved to stay on to see the 10 year mark actually happen. 10 years is amazing journey but it wasn't for YouTube, Everything About Reality TV wouldn't be going so strong I am proud how things have gone and I have YouTube to thank for my podcast's beginning back on September 24th, 2015.


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