Sunday, May 20, 2018

Behind The Scenes of Being a Podcaster

              Today's blog post is the conclusion of the behind the scenes in the Entertainment industry and obviously I am talking about the behind the scenes of being a podcaster and what happens the day before, the day just before recording happens and after the podcast is recorded. Again this is definitely a lengthy process but there is definitely some time off between more then I had when I was still on YouTube at the time. 

               Obviously the day of the TV Show is on air I will watch the TV Show, take notes about the Reality TV Show, and pretty much from there I take the notes I have and use them in the actual episode of Everything About Reality TV. The next phase is the day of recording, now the prep before a recording is adding in the introduction which I run the introduction while talking over the intro at a specific part which if you are an avid listener of my podcast you know what I mean by that. Just before I record, I tend to play some tunes in the studio while I do the final prep before actually recording an episode. Of course the next phase is to actually record the podcast which can take up to 20 - 30 minutes, sometimes 50 minutes to an hour, depends on the show I am covering and mind you I do not mind doing a 50 minute to an hour. It's actually ton of fun to do. 

               The second last step in behind the scenes which I sometimes talk about over on Instagram is the editing process which can take up to an hour up to a few hours depending on the length but I don't mind, I get to hear bits and piece and I will talk about it if I listen to the podcast or not on the next blog post but the editing process can take some quite time but in the end it is a very good quality podcast in the long run and it gets a good number of people listening to it. The final step is posting it up on and (when the site is operational) and doing the PR work behind it to promote the podcast. Finally it is a lot of steps but in the end it is worth all the hard work that goes into every single episode each and every week or few times a week.


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