Monday, May 21, 2018

Do I Listen To My Own Podcasts After Being Record?

             This topic really hasn't been brought up by anyone, this is my own idea to talk about it in the blog post as I really didn't think about it much lately till I was on my own Audio ONLY Feed on Friday morning when this idea came to my mind and I thought it is a good topic to actually talk about for once as it has never been brought up on here before.  So today's question on the blog is do I listen to my own podcasts after they go up? 

             The answer to that is NO. I do not have much time during this season to listen to my own content but also I don't need to hear what I said during the time I recorded the episode and it is not hard to remember what I said, however I'd love to listen back to one with Larry in particular as we have a good conversation during the podcast but yes I would like to look back at an episode and see what I did and I got plenty of episodes to listen to... Actually 124 episodes at this point of time to be actually politically correct. However I would like to actually listen to an episode and this week I want to aim at actually sitting down and listening to the podcast for once. 

               There is a reason behind why I would listen to it, is to hear and write down what I could do better and I am always tweaking things with the podcast and the Audio is getting better just need to work on the beginning of the podcast and I am going to work on it when the season is up and get that one little tweak so that is one of the reason why I would listen to the podcast, just to help me figure out what do I need to do to improve the podcasts and honestly, I there is no much to improve on the podcast and only one thing, so I will definitely do that. Also the quality of the content is another reason as well. Plus I would like to hear what I did but again my schedule can get very busy most of the time but I want to try and listen to one of my podcasts in the nearby future. 


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