Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Website Coding Done!

                     After weeks of working on my ailing website, it is done officially! I can rest easy till Thursday, that's when all the craziness begins with the CLOSED Open BETA Testing and testing for the bugs and glitches happening on the website before I end up with an Open BETA Testing and yes I am doing both closed and opened this way everyone can be involved with this testing phase. It has been such a crazy adventure with it's ups and downs over the last month or two but the craziness is about to end and actually I like the new and improved website and I made a couple of changes as you will notice when the Site's opened for both days, you will see what it looks like. I am not making anymore major changes to the website, however, if it needs a tad tweak I will certainly be doing that.

                      My website has certainly evolved over the years and looks bigger and better then what I had back in 2014 before I even had the domain for my website. It has so much content it's certainly unreal to look at all the pages on the website compare when I started Everything About Reality TV on the Audio ONLY Platforms. So the Closed BETA Testing will be this Thursday, May 17th, Friday, May 18th & Saturday, May 19th, 2018 then the site will be under maintenance again. Then by next week by Tuesday or Wednesday I will Announce the Open BETA Testing to everyone on the world wide web which more then likely be a day or two later. Once that's done site is down for final maintenance and fixing bugs on the website then it opens on the date I mentioned on Social Media, June 1st, 2018. 

                        Am I excited for the website to re-open? Of course! It has been a very successful adventure so far and I am ready to continue on to grow. But with growth comes the growing pains. What do I mean? Well come November, chrisbontheweb.com expires then the future of my website will be changing. No I am not permanently shutting the site down, no I'm not quitting, I know some of my haters would love to see that but it is not happening anytime soon! I will be moving to a more permanent home for my website and I will have to end up re code the entire site but there may be a way to make the switch without any hassle and I will be contacting this new provider in the coming days as it is on my list of 1,000,000 things to do but I want to ask a few questions. More details to come in the upcoming months! Anyways I am excited for it to be back even if it is on a temporary provider till 2019 but it will have to do for right now and I am sure you guys are ready for the return of the website to take place in the coming weeks.


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