Wednesday, May 16, 2018

How Do You Trust Someone?

            Trust is hard sometimes, you think you can trust someone but they screw you over so many times, you have to start thinking are they truly your friend at this point? I have been thinking about this for quite sometime with friendships being tested and really makes me think, maybe it is time to move on? I am a very good and dedicated friend but sometimes I feel like I am always the one that calls or texts. Also the fact I haven't hung out with them since January/February really is making me think, maybe they are not truly my friend? Trust is really hard to come by with me and the reason is because of my past of having a team from 2005 - 2017 trust is hard to come by with me these days but if you can have my trust it is a good thing. I am very Leary of trusting people especially someone who keeps on messing up.  

            I can trust people but to a certain point where I have to put my foot down and make a decision if their really my friend or not and trust me the decision is no easy at times but I have to make the right one, not the wrong one. Sometimes the right choice is the right decision and you have to trust your gut instinct. There a few things you should do to trust someone. One is will they always be there for you? Will they wanna hangout with you? Spend time with you? I haven't felt that kind of vibe with one of my friends and unsure what my next move right now. I am kind of playing it by ear right now see what happens in the next 11 hours but I am NOT playing games especially this happening non stop with the bickering that is another piece of advice to not always give em chances after chances, because it will just become a problem and that is what I am going through at the moment and it sucks to go through trust issues with someone. Yes I may be stubborn as a mule from time to time but I am trying to make the right decisions these days not the wrong decisions.

               I hope this helps you guys with trying to trust someone or anyone in general, it isn't easy but you just have to go with your gut feelings and try and listen to what is in your mind and hope it is the right decision.  As an adult it is still difficult but yes I am in my early 30's but don't forget I have autism it can be quite harder to make the decision. However I am trying my best to make the right choices in my life. Anymore question please feel free to ask or send me an email


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