Friday, September 21, 2018

YouTube is becoming a sinking Ship....

             I've noticed YouTubers are mentioning that videos are not being delivered to their inbox or their video is hidden due to not family friendly content and honestly where is the freedom to make what content as you want as long as it does not break the terms of service like back in the day but not it's all about them making money, not the content creators and it is truly sad this to see this happening especially those who have have grinded for 6 - 8 to 10 years or more on their content to get millions or even hundreds of thousand of subscribers and their content is now being hidden. or being demonetized which now YouTuber are struggling to making a living out of making videos for their fans. I'm sure some YouTubers have moved over to twitch to live stream their lives on the IRL category which they got a good chance if they make affiliate and/or partner on the website. 

               I am glad I bailed out of YouTube when I did or I probably more then likely have to deal with YouTube going downhill and it probably would really hurt me in the process and honestly I think I probably end up leaving YouTube all together anyways as I know my subscribers probably end up not getting my videos that get put up so either way my decision to leave 2 years ago was the best move as YouTube is starting to go downhill and Everything About Reality TV had no place on YouTube and not even in the nearby future. I wish YouTube would fix the notifications of a video as now you have to hit the notification bell in order to get notified a new video is up so their algorithm is not the greatest to this day but it is what is it, YouTube has definitely changed over the last 2 years since I left and I have said this many times, I am glad I made change in my life when I did. 


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