Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Do I Think Quitting Is A Sign of Weakness?

              I was thinking about this while in church back and it really made me think, is quitting a sign of weakness? Well, I have been thinking about it for the last few days now and there are many things that come to my mind when it comes to quitting and I know you will gave me a really hard time when it came to quitting YouTube but I will talk about two differences in today's post and I can tell you there is sure a difference and I will get that in a moment. This is actually a tough topic to talk about as I know I left or as most of you will say I quit YouTube but I will explain everything in this blog post because there is most definitely a difference from quitting and walking away after many, many years as a YouTuber and that is why I am writing this blog post for you guys today.

                So the first of 2 points I would like to make is if you quit after 7.5 years, that is not being a quitter, it is you moving on and that is what exactly I did so there is a difference but if you do something as long as I have, then yea most definitely I'd consider it moving on and I know you guys were quite mad or upset when I suddenly decided to move on from YouTube but I could of done one last video and left the channel but I realize when I changed emails I should of downloaded the videos first, mainly the web series the most first. 7.5 years is a long time and a long time for grinding on videos daily and I admit I was quit burnt out after all of this.  Call it what you want but I hope this kind of does explain things to you guys why I left when I did. This also goes with video broadcasting which will be changing soon and that will be a different blog post for another day, possibly tomorrow or Friday. 

                  Now to quit non stop, that is a sign of weakness, no offense to any of you, but to quit non stop, it doesn't look good on you and also you do let your fans down as well in the process and I know because I was there when I was quitting Twitch on and off several times up to me being banned for the first time in little over a year since being banned on another site but that's in the past technically. I have been in your shoes since 2016 and even know I still question myself why am I still doing online media but the reason why is because I am passionate about this field and that is what matters. You have to still have the passion and drive to continue on even when the going gets tough keep on going no matter what. If you need a break, take one, I've done that in the past and I will touch on taking breaks when you need it one another blog post.


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