Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Not Afraid To Take Risks In Video Games

              I came into this topic from playing The Binding of Isaac which I will be doing a separate blog post on a progress update but I was playing the game and I am not afraid to take risks with the game, I am able to take a risk for example if I want to take a devil deal and take a damage up upgrade, I will not be afraid to take a risk, yes it is a risky move especially if it take you down to 2 red hearts and a bunch of sole hearts but I noticed even with that I managed to stay on the right track with that but eventually did die. Also the machine that takes hearts but gives you coins for it, if I have a ton of hearts and I am not afraid to try and break the machine to get the blood bag to get more hearts and I am getting actually pretty good at this too, I have figured out when the right time to do it and the wrong time to do it.

               Also there is the nail item that gives me sole hearts and I took that item and I kept on giving so many sole hearts, it really helped me and got me right to the end of the game and I actually beat mom, beat mom's heart and completed the level all together. I am even taking risks with the challenges as well and trying to figure out what works and what doesn't work for me in the game but sometimes it doesn't and that's OK if it doesn't. I can actually admit that I am a risk taker, I am not afraid to actually risks, I love it actually. I love to take the risks in the game, just call me a risk taker honestly. 


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