Thursday, March 11, 2021

I Need To Address All of This, Enough Is Enough!

               I have to address this. It has been bothering me since I returned to the team and to see our Founder/Owner is so much stress with the countless drama recently he has even stated the interest of giving full ownership to someone else and him stepping down as the Owner. Now he will always have the Founder Status as he Founded this thing almost 7 years ago but honestly it is only threats he's making which I know and the team knows it is just empty threats at this moment. I have several points I would like to make this morning:

1) Blocking Us or Him On Social Media For No Apparent Reason: Chris does not appreciate being blocked for no apparent reason and it has happened before where they just blocked us on Twitter and it has become a very frustrating thing for him and he has considered to unfollow the inactive accounts again but has held off from it.

2) Losing Twitter Followers & YouTube Subscribers: Another thing with us trying to grow our YouTube Channel we have lost a subscriber but I reminded him that we are in the early stages of the growth of the YouTube Channel. The Twitter thing we have been losing followers by the 100s and we were so close to the 4k Mark on the followers but recently have lost the followers and trying everything to try and grow our community again. 

3) Chris giving up Entertainment Man Podcast: He has literally given up Entertainment Man Podcast to grow The CBOTW Show Podcast and the amount of listens on Audio ONLY have been great along with the YouTube channel as well so it is on it's growing spurt. 

                  So for the love of Pete give him a break, enough with the trolling on our chatroom, blocking us for no apparent reason. He does not need this extra stress especially right now with him trying to re-grow the listenership on both Audio and Video (YouTube) side.  That is all I had to say about this and I have given him the rest of the week off from the blog which is only today and tomorrow and Monday since I will be back Monday for a weekly update so it will be Tuesday he will be back on here posting. Have a great rest of you day. 

Charlotte, Site Admin

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