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Friday, March 19, 2021

Uhhh, Dunno What To Talk About...

                 Usually today is a day of me updating you on my weight loss but with us having Pizza, I am sure my weight has been greatly affected recently in the last few days as the calorie count on that is quite high. Anyways I am starting off today's ramble blog as I just do not know what to talk about as really I am not ready to actually to update you guys on Minecraft world my niece and nephew and I have created! It still needs work to be done to the Village and I can say as of this morning, we  are near complete as we finish last minute buildings to the Village and we move to what we wanna do next for this Minecraft Universe, maybe exploration or something who the heck knows but an update is coming next week with pictures, etc. Also today I may as well spill the beans on this but I have an 6 - 6.5 minute video coming out explaining my absence from the Recap Podcast this week due to some unforeseen circumstances this week and the good news of my return tomorrow on the podcast. I actually recorded it late last night as as for Facebook, I have to have Charlotte post it up for me due to my current banned status from posting on the platform for another 3 weeks. I can say I will be unbanned as of April 2nd, 2021 in the evening time at some point.

                  Also I in the video today at 1 pm EST, I am talking about that I will be absent on April 1st, 2021 which yes I realize that is April Fools and that is no April Fools joke as it was pre-planned prior to this season starting so I guess I am the fool on my own self at this point. I really swear that we did not plan this and seems and is pretty funny I chose to take a night off from the podcast on a day that is full of practical jokes and fooling people to be honest so before you guys get uptight and start emailing us that this is the April Fools joke, IT isn't and I am not saying that either. One last thing we are not planning on any April Fools jokes this year either what I know of unless my Staff start pulling fast ones on me suddenly for no apparent reason or my Co-Host pulls one on you guys during their solo podcast on that night but I have nothing to do with that, I am not gonna pull practical jokes on any of you guys this year. Anyways that is about it for what I had to say, I guess it was a bit of an update what has been going on in my world and I hope you enjoyed this randomness of a post, have a great weekend and I will be back on Tuesday!