Monday, April 24, 2023

Collab Will Is Off The Air Till June!

           With today being the last post for a month with the collab, this helps me move to the next step for that podcast. Which is me working on the Anniversary this week as well as working on the next collab for June 1st, 2023. Plus editing Entertainment Man Podcast all in the mix as well it will be a very busy and hectic week and next few weeks for me in the way of prepping podcasts to be recorded. 

           However even tho the collab is off the air for a month, there will be probably no updates for about a month till I know I am ready to record. I know the schedule entails Larry and I recording the anniversary and we are recording practically a month ahead but it will not be posted right away it will be on hold in the meantime. Anyways that is what I have to say and the post for today as always I'll talk to you all tomorrow.


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