Friday, April 14, 2023

End of The Week Updates [04-14-2023]

                 Another week gone and sort of wasted. What do I mean by this I didn't really do much minus record Entertainment Man Podcast and my own fault for not wanting to get the collab done and time is now ticking hard and fast and need to get into the collab this weekend and I mean really dig into it now. I know I have a month from recording that podcasts with Larry but I mean I am going to be working on it to get it done and finished so I can get to the next one Beast Morphers. I need to refocus and get back on track with this podcasts as we are close to the end game now. 5 years of hard work has certainly paid off. 

               Other then that been mostly working on Entertainment Man Podcast. Still working on interview prep and have a few interviews to catch up still 2 left on the list as I have been playing some catch-up on interviews I had to reschedule and one that was scheduled 2 weeks ago. Either way I am aware that my time off is coming up while I am away and busy with the family on some personal matters and already got episodes to go out for you guys while I am busy and I cannot promise a premiere it depends on my schedule. Anyways that are the updates for the week, have a fantastic weekend and talk to you all Monday!


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