Wednesday, April 26, 2023

What Will Happen When I'm Away May 9th - 11th?

              I know there has been questions what is going on with when I am away in Quebec well this is difficult as my Community Manager, Sophie is going to be busy with her move back across country back to Ontario to be closer to me so we can have in person meetings plus some other reasons she didn't want me to mention but it will be good to see her in person again. So I have already made some adjustments while I am away and will be permanent:

- DandyLion has been added as a Moderator on both the Facebook Fan Page and Discord Server. She will be Sophie's eyes and ears when shes on the road travelling as she's leaving May 8th to start her trek from BC to Ontario. 

- Sophie will look into the Facebook Fan Page every night while she's travelling out here so she will try and be active on there. 

- Discord Server Staff: Sophie-CBOTW (Sophie88); Admin: Tacofreak08 & Moderators, Sugarfreak08 & Dandylion1113 will be there and if Sophie isn't available then, Tacofreak, my nephew is next in power followed by the mods.

- Also Dandylion1113 has access to the messages so can try and help you out as much as they can but Sophie will be around.

- Any episodes of the podcast on Entertainment Man Podcast's YouTube Channel will be just posted, no premieres while I am busy with family stuff going on. 

- Final thing I wanted to add is Sophie will be keeping an eye out on both the general inquiry email CBOTWBiz & Entertainment Man Podcast's emails and answering any questions but replies may be a bit delayed as she will be travelling during the day and resting at night till she gets to Ontario.

             Hope this clears things up for you guys and that is today's post for today and as always I will speak to you all tomorrow for another blog post.


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