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Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Gaming Updates [04-04-2023]

           So I have been playing a lot more video games lately on my extra time and here are the updates:

Minecraft: I have come to the end of my journey with the server. I have one more thing to build and that's the village with villagers and that will probably be the last thing I can possibly, humanly do as I am now out of ideas at this point as the apartment building failed. 

American Truck Simulator/Euro Truck Simulator: Been driving my trucks on there and made a pile of money on the American one and Euro is still work in progress right now but in time I will get better at it. 

The Sims 4:  Been working on the Sims 4 and both Larry and I have our own sims and Larry's now on his 3rd girl, he's been married twice with 3 kids (3rd on it's way) and now on his third girlfriend which is bonkers. Still building his house and near finished. My house is already built but I want to shrink it a bit so I can have some kind of backyard in the process. 

Farming Simulator 17:  I have been playing a bit here and there and got the farm going pretty good right now and seems to be coming along, I have planted a bunch of crops on there but haven't had time to play much of it lately.    

          Those are the updates for right now and the main games I have been playing and I have been still playing Luck Be The Landlord as well between but currently busy with editing the podcasts that was recorded last week so I can post em up for you guys. Anyways I will talk to you all tomorrow for another post.