Friday, November 1, 2019

Why Did Larry I Start The Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast?

           Today's post is why did I decided to start The Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast with Larry? Now as you know Larry wasn't part of CBOTW in 2018 and when him and I decided to do this it was more on a 2 times a year basis and that is what we really wanted to do with The Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast and that is what we have set but you never know what is in stored for 2020 especially. However this do not answer the question why the heck did Larry and I start this and why we enjoy doing this content exclusively on the website alone. First as two individuals who were born in the early 80's/Mid 80's we grew up with Power Rangers and being in our 30's we are just a bunch of nerds behind microphones and talking about a show we love and I thought after this started I thought this wouldn't do very well but it mind blowing to see the views flow right in and like Larry has said to me in the end it is always about the views and you guys seem to enjoy it. The second part I want to say is that we are aiming for the very nearby future to do every single season of the podcast but we are jumping ahead.

              However we enjoy it and as long as him and I enjoy this collaboration Podcast is what matters honestly. Also yes viewers matter and honestly at the start i thought we weren't that entertaining but you guys seem to really enjoy them and trust me we are only a month away from production and by then we will have a brand new studio to record in as right now I am in tornado alley with my studio as it's an appalling mess right now but that is besides the point. I may as well update you I am currently in Lightspeed Rescue and working extremely hard to get it done by December 1st, a month from now and really aiming for December for him and I to record so we can stay on schedule. So I am half way done at this point and getting closer. This is why I work hard I enjoy this kind of content and it seems to do very well, even for the website itself. It goes to show it does extremely well. So you can see with today's post both Larry and I enjoy this even if it is every twice a year with 2 episodes per session with a total of 4 episodes a year, we both sure as heck enjoy the episodes and why we have started this podcast. We are both looking forward to the very near future with this podcast.


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