Friday, January 19, 2024

Featured Spotlight: Fun Football Podcast!

     Both Chris and I have connected with a podcast called "The Fun Football Podcast" which is a newer podcast and it's an amazing podcast, I've been in the chats the last month now. Fun experience and host and co hosts are amazing with the interaction. They are now also part of a network "Podcast Boys Network" and also part of Blitz Hits the Fan is another podcast as there is two shows they have which will be in chat for all I'm sure. You can find Fun Football Podcast at for all the links to check them out. 

    Their shows vary from week to week but the best way is to follow them on their social medias to find out what is what. They will post on the other show. Chris had the owner and host of the podcast on Entertainment Man Podcast for the Season 4 finale last year which you can find on this very website, YouTube and other Audio ONLY Platforms. I highly recommend to check em out especially if you like NFL and College Football. That is my post for today and I will speak to you all tomorrow to try and do an End of The Week Updates. We'll see if I can do one.

Kels, Community Director/Graphic Designer

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