Saturday, January 20, 2024

End of The Week Updates [01-20-2024]

      Chris has expressed interest that I, Kelsie take over the end of the week updates and I accepted the role since it is only once a week. A lot of chaotic mess has happened at ChrisBOnTheWeb studios and here is what's gone on:

Old PC: Chris has actually recycled the old computer so the other desk is a more empty now which will lead a plan for the other monitor to join the other two on the main computer at the other desk eventually. 

Entertainment Man Podcast: All episodes are caught up for back on Monday as a late episode and this Sunday and the following Wednesday. So Chris can work on Power Rangers and really make a run. 

The CBOTW Show: Chris has completed and posted up the episode Friday on time and he's enjoying doing The Simpsons episodes and probably stick to it for a while. He may bounce around this year a bit between the episodes with Larry. He is also back to working on Power Rangers now that the lost USB key is now found. 

         Those are the updates he's given me for this week and I know there is more but we have explained about the website down time and missing USB and Chris will be back Monday to a normal blog schedule and as for me I will talk to you all next Friday, enjoy your weekend.

Kels, Community Director/Graphic Designer

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