Thursday, January 18, 2024

Chaos Ensued! [Has been resolved!]

            Yeah things have been rocky for us for about 14 - 15 hours Tuesday until Wednesday morning. However I have actually got control of things. I will get into it more. As you know I lost my USB Key which was found under the mixer on the desk and this stems to it being missing for 15 hours maybe more. It was crazy because I had already typed Power Rangers Podcast on there. Which mind you I had a lot done and why I was so upset and peeved off at myself for losing it. Not only that but I feel like I let Larry down, I let Kels down. I was so hyped up for recording again and now I have something to look forward to now since the issue has been resolved. The lesson from this is to look under things in case it has been moved under it. I was looking in the drawers and moved my stuff guy that I can punch when I am frustrated to find a stick like thing under it and I'm thinking oh for crying out loud it's the USB Key. So yeah I found it.... I felt really, really small from this experience. This is truly a lesson learned. Notes are back underway and hope to have em done by Monday at the latest.

             Now the website, as you know it was down for almost 3 days and finally found the issue. It was propagated and everything it had to do with the certificate https:// that you see in the address on your address bar. Which shows our website is a secure and safe website which is important. We do not want to show that we are a deceptive website cause we aren't. However with that being the cause of the problems the site is so far up and running smoothly. We will continue to monitor it for the recent of the week to ensure there is no more problems. That is the post for today but I will talk to you all Monday as Kels is talking over the blog for the next two days!


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