Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Well, We're Back ONLINE!

              Well, well, well! Long time no see! I know we've been moving domain providers the last 3 days as Sunday afternoon went down and the frustrations of 3 days began. However We are slowly getting back to a normal routine. I know we've missed blogs and here is the plan:

Today and tomorrow: I will do a blog catch up on everything that has gone on lately. 

Friday and Saturday: Kelsie will do blogs, one is a promotional blog and the other is the end of the week updates. Might not be a ton of updates due to the fact we have been offline a lot this week and the team and I have been not available. She will try her best. 

             So this is just the start it may not be 5 days like normal but least it is 4 days of blogs that you guys are getting out of the 5 days and we are most definitely trying to make it up to you guys as much as possible as I know social media has been dead and today was fully of big updates and we continue to update you guys throughout the day but we are trying to rectify a lot of issues we've been going through. Anyways I never thought I'd get to say this again but that is the post for today and I will speak to you guys tomorrow! 


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