Monday, January 29, 2024

What An Eventful Sunday Morning!

            There is always some kind of problem we seem to encounter whether it is drama or technical issues or Social Media locking us out. That is what today's post is about. Twitter aka X which has restore on the right hand side now but will get into the reason why shortly. Yeah we were locked out out of our Twitter aka X for a few hours and it was really stupid. I got a suspicious login and nothing out of the ordinary of Kels and I are the only ones that had access to the account so Twitter should know this. Anyways got in to a point they required 2 factor authentication and of course no other way to do that as I don't have the authenticator app. 

         Good news is I actually got access back into the account and disabled something so this doesn't become another problem again but may try setting it up better moving forward but we'll see. It was quite an eventful Sunday morning here for us and coordinating with my Community Director, Kelsie to try and fix the issue and we're currently back online and that is what matters. Anyways that is the post for today, I will as always talk to you all tomorrow for another blog post. 


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