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Friday, January 26, 2024

End of The Week Updates [01-26-2024]

            It has been a wild week around the studio from Chris finishing up the first half of Power Rangers Beast Morphers to becoming sick it's been a turn of events for us but he continues to work on the notes. Once he's done the notes he will be shifting over to Entertainment Man Podcast for a bit and he hopes to be starting on that by Saturday to be completely done with The CBOTW Show so he can shift over to Entertainment Man Podcast so he has ideas for the next many weeks so he can record without a problem. Also he will be re-shifting back to The CBOTW Show by Monday to work on The Simpsons Podcast as he revealed on a video yesterday morning that he will be doing 2 The Simpsons episode. 

             In other news, Chris has hired my brother Jim back as an advisor. I know it is a shocking he hired my brother back after he turned his back on the team 2 months ago. I hope Jim sticks around for a while and I sure think he will. Jim will not be on any social media of ChrisBOnTheWeb Media, more behind the scenes and advising Chris more on this website in case he runs into a problem which there has been a few technical issues but Jim and Chris have since then resolved the https:// issue with this website. That's everything that has gone on and he will be back blogging Monday and I will talk to you all at the end of next week.

Kelsie, Community Director