Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Taking a Different Direction With My Show

             As you know Entertainment Man Podcast hasn't had any interviews as of it and I've taken a bit of a break from interviews actually despite my Matchmaker.FM page for the podcast is currently actively looking for interviews right now. Always looking for interviews but I have said many times, I have Shane coming on the podcast again to talk Bullying and Mental Health and how bullying does, Plus Eric coming on the podcast in March ish... Also April or May will be Justin and Larry. 

             However, I am going to focus strictly on topics with the occasional guests this year unless I end up getting a bunch of interview requests then I will have them on of course. But for the most part, will be topics unless and I've got that strange feeling this year will be a quiet year for interviews and if it is that's totally fine with it but I am always keeping that door open for interviews. Last year it took a month before I started to get interviews so right now I can do my topics in the mean time. Anyways that is the post for now, I will talk to  you all tomorrow for another blog post before Kelsie's end of the week updates on Friday.


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