Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Still Hurts and Thank You!

It still hurts to this day the way Eric quit and treated me over the last now 6 months... If it wasn't for him quitting I would of kept my original channel and I would of probably been shooting Season 7 as of right now but that's not happening after he was rude and told me to get lost when I simply wanted to visit friends and get my mind off the bullcrap going on within my team and ex staff. To this day I am pretty well scarred for life the way he treated me. And as the owner and boss of my channel my motto was respect me and respect one another and I never got that over the course of the 5 straight years he was helping me and the 7 months recently from July 2015 - February 2016.

Only reason I stayed sane was because of my Staff Member Justin and Ex Staff/Alumni Larry, Dave and Krissy, they kept my sanity in tact over the last 6 months of this hell I have put through. They have knocked tons of sense into me and calmed me down when I was entirely fired up and pissed the heck off at ex staff. The treatment by Staff has made me realize I am now planning to do a lot of solo projects but some group stuff as well. I have faith in collabing with a few people over the next year or two on a few things but people I can trust and not screw me over like my ex here locally!

At this time I'd like to thank Justin, Larry, Krissy, Dave, Littlebitt123 and all my family and friends for their continuous support over the last while and appreciate all the wise words you have given me in the last while. Lastly I wanna thank Justin and Diana from The Green Team for their support and I will be doing recaps again soon, just need some time to adjust but thank you! Finally I wanna thank the fans who given nothing but dedicated time in watching my content over the last while and on my current and permanant channel on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIBtb_4p4Hb-IewUmUwctKQ 

Thank You Again and Hope you all will keep on supporting me!


Thursday, July 21, 2016

Ex Girlfriends, Accusing Someone and Maturity?

Recently this blog as you know has been about ex's and maturity, chances & trust, well in this one it is more about being ignored and my ex being immature and also I was right to not giving her another chance. I was entirely correct on not giving her the chance she had, because she should of never gotten a chance at all, I knew I would get screwed in the process and I got through to her about a week later almost about talking things out as an adult which all went out in the garbage and I thought she had completely changed but I guess I was entirely WRONG! She told me to leave her alone and she didn't even try to talk things out as an adult, when she was in the wrong accusing me of things I never did! i know she will avoid me for a few months and then start bothering me again. It will not happen, because I will be ignoring her entirely as she is out of chances... 

You shouldn't be accusing someone of yelling at them when they never used full caps.... THIS IS YELLING, this isn't unless you used a cap for a name or proper punctuation, that is my entire situation with my ex and it drives me nuts that I am accused for things that I never did and she wont own up to it so I am not going to listen to any apology or crap from them again.

As adults you are suppose to talk things out as adults and own up to the mistakes you made and NOT accuse them of anything and talk things out as adults. But clearly she's not changed and not willing to change at all, so I am at this point of my life, I need to stop giving chances to people who keep on blowing chances over and over again... Mature at all? Not really, I understand they got a disability but some point they need to try own up for the wrongful actions. I am not letting this happen again, I am now putting my foot down with this crap being thrown at me... I am getting rid of the people causing problems in my life and I think those 3 ex's would be 3 peas in a pod with each other, because they like to cause problems with me.

Have a great rest of your day! 


Sunday, July 17, 2016

Trust and Giving Chances

I am one for trusting someone again, but also giving chances, but there is a fine blue line to it as of now I have given 2 people so many chances over the last 10 + years and I am about to stop doing that as one of my long time Staff members from 2005 - 2010 & 2015 - 2016, telling me to "Get Lost" after I was nice to him for giving him chances and opportunities to help me out with YouTube. Now 2nd thing is dealing with 3 of my ex girlfriends, one from out west, one from the states and one locally. I have been nothing but abused and sworn at, accused of things that I never did to them. Secondly being told what to do by them but them constantly harassing me, 2 of them that are far away from me in 100 KM or more and when I actually do not want anything to do with them now. 

At this point of time I am ready to stop giving chances, stop trusting people who keep on screwing me over time and time again. I should of stopped giving them chances and trusting certain individuals a long time ago and I am plain sick of this b.s. being thrown at me day in, day out... Now you guys see why I have departed from YouTube is the bullcrap that I am getting from the ex Staff I have... I tried to work with them on YouTube but ends up them quitting or causing crap with me, I decided to just give it up, move on with life.... I am now in a good place doing Gaming Streams and the Reality TV Podcasts and still able to allow Justin M, and Chance help me with things around the site and keep me in check... That is where I wanna be and if the ex Staff do not like my decision to leave YouTube then whatever. I know Dave, Justin, Larry, Chance and Krissy are good with my decision and know i gotta do what I gotta do. And I find myself a bit not stressed as much but the situation with my Ex Girlfriends is starting to drive me insane to a point I am now walking away from them for a week or blocking them completely.

If this does constantly keep on happening I am going to start not giving second chances and Trusting people again, but I always know I got other friends that will be there for me. So my advice for the day is even if people screw you over, they are not your true friend and you will always have friends out there that will always be there for you, so maybe it is best to get rid of the drama out of your life and keep the more and positive people in your life. Even if it is a bit of drama walk away, take a week off like I am doing and come back to them in a week.

Have a great night everyone! 


P.S. I will be posting on here more often. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Really Annoyed...

Thete is so much I can tolerate and I am at my boiling point... First my ex Heather whom I care very much about as a friend being called names I had to put 2 people on blast.
But what pisses me really off is the way YouTube has treated The Green Team. (Justin and Diana) from the Amazing Race when they never did anything wrong, they weren't spamming being deprective w.e it say on their channel nor they werent scamming anyone. So I am disgusted and really pissed the heck off at YouTube to such an amazing couple and one hell of a team on The Amazing Race. Any wants to mess with them YOU GOTTA GO THROUGH ME. FIRST.  People need to stop messing with others. Honestly this us disgusting and apalling this happened.  They never got a strike on the account no warning NOTHING!!!! YouTube has gotten way to strict and out of control!
Thats my 2 cents worth. I do not care if you hate on me for defending them. But they didnt do anything wrong and they've been nothing but so amazing to me.


Long Time No See! | YouTube Has Pissed Me Off!

Hey Everyone!

First of all Long time no see! Yes Been a while since I blogged on here on the site. A lot has been happening with chrisbontheweb.com and with me all together. First of all I have to re record Everything About Reality TV for the podcast page 4 of them actually, and tomorrow being my normal Amazing Race Canada Recap as normally scheduled. It will be live eventually. There is plans for it eventually. Also will be returning to some fun gaming streams over at hitbox and if that dont work well then I will be focusing on Live Podcasts more! 

Now to more a serious note, I am really pissed with YouTube deleting Justin and Diana's YouTube channel, wish I could offer help if their YouTube channel, but unsure on ideas what to do. YouTube had no right at all to delete the channel as they have never scammed, been deceptive, or spam on the site, they are doing what they love to do best and that is Reality TV Recaps... So YOUTUBE get your head out of ur butt and go after people that are breaking the Community Guidelines not Innocent people like Justin and Diana!

Have a Great Day Guys