Saturday, September 5, 2015

Everything is coming together Nicely....

With the completion of The Entertainment Man Talk Show set, I can focus on the last and final thing which is the scripts, which actually I am planning to work on and finish up on Monday as it is Labor Day and as I have been working in the office this weekend and was suppose to close down for the holiday, but only time the team can be here to do their jobs. 

But all I can really say is, the set is finished! AND I AM PROUD of the outcome of the set and what it looks like after such a long process of building the set to what it looks like and the technical side of it in the rafters in the studio here. Having to have two rods, one which is still holding up the curtain and two the the other rod which hold the stars up on the curtain... might need a few adjustments tomorrow to make sure we can see the stars which isn't visible right now but it is a simple fix!

I can really now say it, my team has really gone to bat for me, they are indeed the best staff around that I ever have without Larry, Justin, Missy and Dave, I couldn't get the filming done or things around the studio.

Have a great night everyone!


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