Friday, November 6, 2015

The Entertainment Man Talk Show and a Few Site Updates....

Ok, I know there's been questions why The Entertainment Man Talk Show isn't currently active in the rotation of the videos.... Well first thing you might think... Did we give up on it? Well the answer is no, we just put it on the back burner as we have other things going on right now, so you can say we put it on the back burner, taking a hiatus from it for 7 months... When we return, we will return bigger and better, we have made some changes, hoping we get a good reception from you guys when we start posting up episodes again! We have gotten quite a ton of preparation finished, just waiting on script.

Now my website is the definition of dysfunctional... The downtime because of the security is one thing, but for my site to go down entirely is another thing. Content on my site wasn't deleted, just a message saying site is up and running and the usual blah blah if your going to break the TOS B.S. So I took off all my content and deleted my site from the 000webhost server. They say 99.9% up time but its been down an entire week. I understand it takes a while to fix stuff but would be nice answers. Support of theirs is done and I'm banned from their fan page for complaining/reporting a problem? Kind of power hungry. Their support their client tell not ban then.  So what does this mean for my site? Well currently my good buddy set my site until I buy a domain which will be this morning. Please be a little more patient with me and also my team, we are hoping to be online by 1 pm this afternoon.

Sorry for the long post, had to get this off my chest,


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