Saturday, September 5, 2020

We're a Bit Behind Schedule Right Now!

              Chris and I are kind of behind schedule right now but that's OK. I will explain why is because of other projects on the go and him getting out this weekend's podcast as it is his first one in a long time in the way of a series for a podcast and he's just excited it will be out tomorrow for the first time in 2 months as he's not committed to a new podcast series for 2 months now, he is finally getting back into the game once again. He needed that time and he's shown that he needed more time to get back into things but I'm sure he's committing to this fully and will be bringing out new episodes and he is ready to be doing those again. It will be a different experience and he has been trying to readjust to the scheduling but in time he will. Anyways to what the title of today's post we are behind schedule with Power Rangers Wild Force but that is OK as we have type up or he has to type up the notes well it is a split with those and I help him with the notes.

               Let me explain-- He has been working mainly on Entertainment Man Podcast mostly but Power Rangers Podcast has been on the side hence the title behind the post here that we're a little behind schedule and we wanna get Power Rangers Podcasts done so he can start recording episodes with Larry again and he can move on to Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder and then I guess he is done as he's not been talking about the future of the podcast as of yet nor him talking about the future. We are working this weekend to get things caught up and back on track with it all and hopefully we can get Power Rangers Podcast complete so he can take a week off from it before he actually gets back into the the next 2 seasons. Anyways we will get  caught up this weekend and it is a promise to catch up. 

- CBOTW Team

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