Thursday, June 16, 2022

June and July Schedule Updates

              Well this is now an OFFICIAL statement from yours truly, Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast has been moved up to end of July Officially. I have gotten word my Aunt is coming out here to Ontario for a visit and my focus will be on her visits to the house which means work load will change a bit and my time with friends may be different and focus will be my family during the 2 week span and I hope by then I will have both seasons finished by then so this is why I am making this post today. So I will be starting Megaforce on Friday and hope to have it done by Monday or Tuesday then working on Super Megaforce to have it done by the end of that week to start typing up notes for the end of the month. Now remember I have a month to get this done and this is only a small tentative timeline and if it is done by end of this month then so be it. 

             I'd laugh if it is done by the 28th when he's here, would be quite hilarious really to see it done and ready for him and I to do that day but again no rush, no pressure I have an entire month and a half practically to go so I have all the time in the world. Also this means during the 2 weeks that I am busy with the family, I will most definitely not streaming on weekends the best I can say is the streams will be sporadic which means randomly as I will be quite busy in that two week time frame. There will be a vacation thrown in there at some point not 100% if we will be able to as we will be busy but August I am most definitely am away on Holidays. I will keep you guys up to date in case I do go away in July but it may not happen this year with my busy schedule in July. Anyways those are the updates, I will have some updates tomorrow for the end of the week updates so I will talk to you all then.


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