Monday, September 26, 2022

I Have Returned!

            Well aren't we a sight for sore eyes, it's been a while since I have spoken to you guys and a lot has gone on lately as you guys know I have been away from some of the social medias and this blog. I needed some time to digest the hiatus news of the collab. I was quite angry and upset at the entire situation and I just needed time away. I do not even want to remotely talk about it right now. I am just going to keep quiet at this moment. I feel bad that I took some time away but sometimes we need to do that. I know the website and this studio feels very hollow without the collab but we'll see how things go in the coming weeks but things are now looking up for us at this moment. Just making the wrong decisions especially with the now gone CBOTW Studios channel but it will be back eventually, just taking a step back for right now and it's more a computer thing more then anything.     

            I had one post that I dumped from last week that is now put onto this week's post on Wednesday so this brings me up to at least mid week with Thursday left on the list for the blog post and of course Friday's "End of The Week Updates" as well. Tomorrow's post I had an idea with the blog regards to one of the video games that I play on my computer. So that will be interesting post. However I am really happy to be back on the blog and all aspects of social media. Things are back to normal now and what is that anymore, not around this studio, normal is not in the vocabulary of this studio and not recently. As I said I am not going to talk about what happened and just going to continue on. I will have more information on the work load of the collab at the end of the week to keep you guys up to date on things. Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you tomorrow!



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