Monday, January 2, 2023

2023 Is The Year of Letting Go and Growth!

           This year is the year of me letting go. I already have forgiven 2 people and we aren't friends per say right now but me not being mad at em anymore is a start to maybe reconciling a friendship later on but I am going to take baby steps at this point and all I can really do right? I know I am not on the best of terms with other people but I am just going to let it go and move on to the big goals I have for the website.  

              I will re-iterate what I mean. I am continuing on with Entertainment Man Podcast, I wanna continue on with the growth of the podcast. I will get into goals for the podcast in 2023. Finishing up the collaboration podcast with all the season minus season 30 which isn't out till later in the year. Also breaking the Video Projects Team record amount of days which is 3,262 days on Oct 19th, 2023 being the day we tie that amount and Oct 20th, 2023 breaking it at 3,263 days. Getting there as today is Day # 2,971. Closing in on the days. Now the website has already seen growth as it is. I wanna try and break 500k is the big ultimate goal in the number which means half a million of you visited Anyways that is today's post, I hope I fullfill my goals and dreams this year, same with you guys as well and as always I will talk to you tomorrow! 


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