Wednesday, October 18, 2023

South Simcoe Railway 2023

               Sunday, we were once again back on the road again, this time we were at South Simcoe Railway. Which is a heritage railway where they have really awesome older passenger cars and 2 steam locomotive's 136 which is running but they used the Diesel which I will get into soon and Diesel 1057 which needs some work done and is sitting on the side which you can see at the top.

      The locomotives they used was the 1948 703 which she wasn't normally a passenger service. She was mainly used for yard service shutting freight and I presume passenger cars around in the yard. Her bell reminds me of the 3612 at York-Durham Railway bell but 703's horn is like a truck horn and very distinctive and easy to know when she's coming. Despite the rain being crap, we made the best of it and got tickets on the first train. Yeah we froze ourselves but got a soup and sandwich at Tim Horton's after we chased down the train but worth it and we had a lot of fun which matters. I want to thank you guys for reading today's blog post and as always I will talk to you all tomorrow!


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