Monday, October 23, 2023

We're working on a better ARCHIVES!

            Mark L and I have been busy, from building an entire new website for testing stuff out which only members of our Private Facebook Group which you can only find on the featured tab on our Fan Page by clicking the blue hyper link in this blog. However since the test website is completed, we are now already gone to work on improving the archives for and it will be probably a week till it will go into testing mode to assure it works properly. Also the test site is riddled with mobile compatibility issues but I think we've fixed that issue and is now working fine on mobile devices. 

          The new Archives will have a pile of tables for each category, which we haven't done a full test on it as we've started to prepare the website for that mode and currently building it at this moment. We plan on taking a week to build the newer archives on this website so this way it will be easier to find all the archives in one place by scrolling down which is the initial move we are planning to build on the test site. Then we will be testing it out for about 2 weeks ish maybe 3 but by the end of November/Early December we will be implementing it here on Exciting stuff happening and excited this brand new ideas and simplifying things but that is the post and I will talk to you all tomorrow.


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