Thursday, March 14, 2024

Getting to a Milestone is a lot of work!

             This journey hasn't been easy for the 5 of us. Yes I'm talking Larry, Justin, Kelsie, Jim and I as Justin was part of this team in the earlier to later years. It takes years to get to this point and something my old team didn't see as we were close to it but didn't reach it, we were a year and less then a month away from hitting it and ChrisBOnTheWeb Media hitting it this year is a huge milestone! It is long process and honestly with this year being our 10th anniversary we did it, we reached this milestone. Reaching a milestone takes time and hard work and long hours which we have put a ton of hours into this company and we're finally seeing a ton of success. 

            So it isn't easy but I am 100% proud that this company has gotten to the milestone even though we are many months from the milestone and we are going to be talking about the party in April what we wanna do and what not to celebrate this special occasion. I do not want to miss this opportunity as it is a big occasion especially the fact of the matter what I said above I'm just plain old excited for this milestone for the company especially this year. I know I've been going crazy and planning for it has been up and down and I promise you guys we will not do anything too crazy this year. There is stuff happening soon I am excited to talk about. Anyways that is what I had to say about this and have a great weekend and as always I will talk to you all on Monday as usual Kelsie will be doing the end of the week updates and I'm excited to what updates she has for you guys. Talk Monday!


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