Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Will Be Busy This Weekend!

             This weekend will be a busy one for me. I will be attending two events locally here. First the Maple Festival which is very close to me 15 minutes away from the house and where the studio is for ChrisBOnTheWeb Media. That will be in the morning that we will be starting out with first. It is a tradition for my dad and I to do that event and has been that way for well over 15 years now technically but look forward to coming back to this event.

             Then I will be down at the Lake where the ships are, I will be getting a tour of where all the shipping happens. Now I do not plan on bringing the big camera, I will take pictures off the phone instead and upload them to social media from there. However this is something I have been looking forward to getting a tour of the shipping and how it all works out. I hope their is ships down there so I can see exactly how it works closer up but very excited for the tour and life experience for me in the end. Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow for another blog post.


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