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Tuesday, July 2, 2024

A Bunch of Changes and Adjustments!

             As you know there was a ton of drama on the main Channel for ChrisBOnTheWeb Media on YouTube to me erasing the channel all together. The strategy has been switched up to us only using YouTube for the podcasts. As most of you know with the rumors of The CBOTW Show is indeed returning to YouTube for good. However we are finishing up the loose ends of things before we start up on there but we've got the channel and ready to go. Now the schedule has changed a tad bit starting today:

Sundays: 1 pm EST: Entertainment Man Podcast (YouTube/Audio ONLY)
Monday - Fridays: Daily Blog
Monday - Wednesdays: Entertainment Man Podcast (Shorts on it's platform)
Wednesdays: The CBOTW Show (Audio ONLY, for NOW)
Fridays: Reel on Social Media
Saturdays: 1 pm EST: Live Stream on Facebook and Instagram (Facebook coming soon!)

                     3 pm EST: Preview reel for the most upcoming episode of the podcast.

           There is the schedule, There is still a bit of a void but perhaps I could add reels and videos in between and keep up with the updates so starting today the schedule is final and will not be changed in the nearby future. Anyways that is the post and as always I will talk to you all tomorrow.