Friday, October 30, 2015

Little Notice of Change Until Further Notice

As you guys know, I am limited with what I can and cannot do for the website, as you guys know, the Chat page is there for interaction on the air and off the air, and right now it is only available off air as my provider, 000webhost is still down under maintenance mode due to the security breach that went on 3 days ago. 

So with that, I am actually using the YouTube commenting system on under the link I will tweet out and post on my Facebook page. I believe there is a button on the video for the Q and A as well! 

Myself and my Staff apologize for the inconvenience, that has arisen the last few days, we are trying the best we can to not cancel any broadcasts with Everything About Reality TV and work around the situation. As stated above we are planning to use the comments on the link above until the website is editable once again.

Thank you again for your patience,


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