Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Recent Interview I Was In With my Staff for my Channel

As you guys know I was in an interview that was conducted by Larry Rieck, my assistant and very well conducted if I may say so. But anyways, it is no secret that The Entertainment Man Talk Show is close to wrapping up in the next several years and will be time to move on with life from long running projects such as that. 

Over the years, I've been to 2 special locations on the series, both the Town Hall of 1873 in Port Perry, Ontario and York-Durham Railway in Uxbridge, Ontario which are close together pretty much. Only took a month for the Town Hall of 1873 for planning and took about 3 years to planning the York-Durham Railway and what we wanted to film and talk about as their was a lot of aspects of the railway to talk about and to come up with which order to go in. But not only that we tried contacting them about 3 years ago and wasn't sucessful, however just last year (a year in June ago), we got a hold of them and we were underway with planning and scripting the series. We originally slated the season in September of 2014, but got pushed off for 10 months as the railway had a lot on their plate which we were fine with as it gave us more time to really prep and learn the script! Those two locations, I will never forget and will treasure it for the rest of my life. Was a once and a lifetime opportunity to film there and was a pleasure. Both the Town Hall of 1873, their Administrator was so amazing to us and kept in touch with us for years afterwards and myself and Dave Gowans went up to give her flowers and say thank you.  Also the coordinator or head person of YDHR was also so amazing and their team were so helpful for getting us underway with our little project. 

When this series is over, I will have nothing but good memories to remember for years to come and was the best series I've done on YouTube since 2008. With saying that, I am looking forward to the final years of this series and have been glad to share this series with you guys, and my adventure with not only you guys, my staff too as well!

Happy Tuesday!


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