Friday, October 23, 2015

So Much Going On...

Hey everyone!

It has been a while since I blogged on my blog here. I have been working non stop at my new, well now former job, for those who didn't know I ended up leaving the job as it wasn't working out for me. Anyways since that happened I have been so busy with planning things for the website, new features and so on. 

1) Royal Winter Fair, we have gotten media passes for filming at the Royal Winter Fair at Exhibition Place in Toronto, so that is uber exciting for both myself and my team. So we are planning on a few interviews as well.

2) New features being rolled out, such as new chat system, a subscription feature which is free obviously and will automatically notify you when I go live on the website as it will have a scheduling system in it, so I will be able to schedule the live Google Hangouts better and hopefully get more people tuned in to the new series LIVE on the AIRWAVES. 

3) I am back on Twitch here and there, when I can, the link is so do make an account and join me. Streams are totally random at this point as I am a busy person.

4) I have sent out emails to Liz and Julia Nolan from Big Brother US 17, Dan Gheesling to find out if there is anymore openings for it and checking in with Jordan Parhar about the one I was hoping to have with him.

Now I have been busy with set painting, scripts, planning, set designing, decorating the studio for Halloween and still working on uploading videos to YouTube. I am always keeping busy and so are my team. Hope all is well with you guys and I will talk to you very soon, I hope to post up again tomorrow.


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