Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Staff Been Updated

I haven't posted in a while as I have been busy with rebuilding the entire YouTube channel and figuring out things for the plans and dealing with a entire hacked channel which was deleted and unrecoverable at the time but I am working hard at it and almost near completed already! 

Anyways, I have removed Staff that aren't being active and we will not be coding a new chat at all the person who was suppose to do that cut off communication with me so they were let go and life goes on. I got discord if the fans wanna connect with me outside Twitch, YouTube and Twitter! I have also added 1o1Adam to help me maintain the bot and my gaming channel on Also re hired Sarah to help with the set stuff as Justin lives 45 minutes from me and it would be hard for him to be down here all the time... So she will be picking up his slack a bit more and he will maybe lead the set stuff and he will be involved with the bigger projects along with Sarah it will be quite the dream team.

I am very happy to have these 3 involved and excited for the future projects I have instored for the channel and rebuilding my CBOTW Community and also maintaining and having fun in the same way.

Till Next Time,


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