Monday, October 14, 2019

Hell's Kitchen Recaps Are Returning To Everything About Reality TV Podcast In 2020!

                The title doesn't lie! That is right, Hell's Kitchen Recaps are RETURNING to Everything About Reality TV in 2020. There is a lot of questions being asked and I will answer them all:

1) Are you going to Host and if you aren't who is? No I am not going to host it. As I said on social media late last night I announced I have a new host lined up and he is very excited to announce Steven is going to be the host and trust me he's a super fan of Hell's Kitchen and I have officially signed him on for the next 2 seasons of Hell's Kitchen.

2) Where we can hear this Podcast? Podcast will be on the normal 14 - 15 platforms the podcasts is on Stitcher, ITunes, TuneIn, Player FM, Overcast, ListenNotes, Castbox and many more. So what I am trying to say any of the Audio ONLY platforms it will be pretty much. 

3) When is it coming? There is no date yet but Steven has told me that it will be sometime in 2020 when it will be coming and the time and place it goes up it will be announced on here and also on Social Media. 

4) Will I pop up once and a while? Probably not as I said this is all Steven who is going to be the host and he has the reigns on this show and it is on him what he wants to do but as long he remains professional and entertains everyone in the same way but he's the boss of those recaps. Only thing I do is more behind the scenes stuff with posting it up and to add in the intro and what not. 

                  Either way I am excited for Steven to be starting and we have spoken about it in the past month or 2 but it went on the way side of things for the longest time and I made a decision that it wouldn't be going back however but we are back and excited it will be someone new to the podcast and for the first time I am going to have someone else on the podcast. Now in the way of YouTube, I do not think Everything About Reality TV Podcast will not be back on the YouTube platform anytime soon with the recent ways YouTube has become with subscribers and views being suppressed so I think for the best interest of our Podcast it is better for us to stay off but never know we could make the move in 2020 and I will discuss that with my team. Finally I want to welcome Steven to the team and excited to be working with you in the very nearby future. This is only the start guys there is more to come in the year 2020 with this podcast! 


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