Thursday, July 1, 2021

Canada Day 2021 (Studio Is Shutdown For The Day!)

                      First of all, Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians out there! Hope you have a safe and Happy Canada Day! I sure as heck am going to! With that, the ChrisBOnTheWeb studios is indeed shutdown, even Savannah's Kitchener Studios are closed. I told her to take the day off so there will not be a lot of movement with content work being done minus this post which was done wee bit in the morning, I'm talking about 1 am EST. Anyways there is an announcement 2 hours or less from now at 1 pm EST regarding the website and I decided to make the announcement today as I didn't wanna wait till tomorrow for this announcement. It's about this very website and the extra's tab that isn't very active at this moment and details are coming in the next week what we are working on. Today is about Savannah and I relaxing, taking a day off from the hard long hours we put into the website and content.

                   Consider this a day for us to recharge and get ready for the next step. Because the next few days, we're both working on content and the website. Then the website part I mentioned. However today, I plan to spend some time with my parents, watch the Blue Jays play as they have a game in the afternoon. I probably will be working on my baseball stadium as I did tonight for a tiny but getting the locker rooms built. Probably some Sims 4, start working on the next Big Brother House. Might rip off the ceiling in the backyard part like the Big Brother U.S. House with the hot tub and what not. Problem is the seasons, it snows, rains so that may be an issue. Finally today I am going to enjoy the hot dogs and turkey sausages for dinner and I plan to eat upstairs as I said I wanted to spend time with the family. Anyways we both will be back tomorrow, if any problems or questions arise please send us an email and we will look into it tomorrow (Friday.) Please have a safe and happy holiday and I will speak to you all tomorrow. 


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