Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Hello, I'm Alexandra The New Site Admin!

                  OK I have to introduce myself, I am Alex or Alexandra the new Website Lead Admin. Yes, he gave me the title the previous Admin had and not sure why but I cannot really complain. I have known Chris for about a year now, not been the online kind of person with Social Media and you can now find me on the Facebook Group and now on Twitter as well. Feel free to contact me through any of those. I am not an Instagram gal whatsoever but that's OK. I already have fixed some of the broken drop down menu the previous admin didn't yet fixed and spent an entire night testing and making sure the bugs are worked out of the website. We have to fix any problems before we proceed with this new Archives on the website and we're still working out things and issues on the website and this could take up at least another week. 

               I am excited to be here and part of this team and I promise to stay longer then any of the other admins because it is truly unfair to Chris and he's suddenly gone AWAL from ChrisBOnTheWeb and the posts you guys saw on Social like the blog post yesterday that was already pre set last week so he's kind of gone quiet recently, he's around but not as active on the website at this moment so he's definitely rattled with the events of the weekend and hopefully he will bounce back soon enough. Anyways I am taking over his blog tomorrow yet again to explain the Archive system on the website and that will be tomorrow morning and hopefully he will be willing to do a post on Thursday. 



Chris said...

Welcome to the Team Alexandra!

Anonymous said...

@Chris Thank you!