Thursday, October 14, 2021

I'm Sorry For No Blog This Morning!

                    I am sorry for no blog post this morning. As you know my sleep has been very screwy lately and it is because of this pandemic and being home 24-7 minus Mondays when I see Eric in person, I have been home majority of the time minus recently as tomorrow I will be up north for the day and not working and same with Sunday, so I will be all over the place and no work will be done for me and I have to try and get things done by Saturday including Entertainment Man Podcast which hasn't yet been recorded which tonight and tomorrow morning I need to get Operation Overdrive done so I can move on. I am struggling to get work down at times where I need a mental break from things and it really stinks to be honest but I am trying to get the notes done in a timely fashion.

                     I need to get the sleep back to normal and I do not feel it's going to happen anytime soon but I am trying each and everyday to fix the sleep but so far no luck whatsoever to get the sleep fixed and no end to it I think at this moment. and it is what it is. However it is inexcusable from doing a blog post and forgetting and I had the page up technically and could of written something. I think I just blanked on ideas and I have a bunch of ideas actually that I can use and I should of used it. It is what it is and sorry this is a short post but I wanted to do one to let you guys know I am OK, just sleeping at odd hours and that is today's post I will talk to you guys tomorrow. 


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