Monday, October 18, 2021

Silent Lake- Fall Colors 2021!

               On Friday when the End of The Week went up on the site here I was up North for the day since I finished up Operation Overdrive. Now the leaves, well some of them or most of them were all down on the ground as we went up a little too late. We should of done that a week or so before but we know for next year. Anyways we started our adventure down at the Day Beach with Lunch which consisted of Kielbassa, Cheese and crackers and grapes and water. Then we went to our old stomping grounds where we actually camped aka Camp ground # 127 at Silent Lake which we booked every year for 5 years or more but always great memories from there. We drove around the loop took some pictures as we went around and we parked and walked down to the dock and looked out then we got hiking to our other old stompin grounds Pincer Bay Beach & the rock which we spent a ton of time swimming and when I was younger making sand castles. 

We then had our Gatorades and went back on our way to the car. We stopped at our little rocky place we spent time at when we were in Granite Ridge Campgrounds and we headed our way home. However we went through Haliburton on the way home and the colors were spectacular but the problem there with that the leaves were mostly down by then so it wasn't as great as we thought but we have to go a bit earlier then usual instead of what we did on this trip. However it was a fun trip either way and yes it was a trip down memory lane once again for me and I am so glad to see people camping there and goes to show that camping is indeed very safe especially during this pandemic there is nothing unsafe about it whatsoever. That is my post for today, hope you enjoyed it and tomorrow will be about Halton County Radial Museum. 


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