Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Mamma Mia On Stage Review

                   Mamma Mia which is still on stage all around the world, it was a good show and I was very, very young and I remember the entire day I went to the good old Spaghetti Factory which is still even open during this pandemic but that's besides the point. Great food and honestly I should do a review on it to be quite honest and it is on my list for next week as I am running out of blog post ideas at this point. Anyways after we ate we went to the Royal Alexandra Theater off of King Street for Mamma Mia. Now at this point, I wasn't familar with the band, ABBA or who it was. As the musical went on, I started to dig the music and felt like it was a very dancable kind of music especially Mamma Mia and Dancing Queen which are two of my favorite songs from the band and I know there are other songs that I quite enjoy. I remember we were in the first 

                   It was a great show, I know at the end I got up started to dance to the songs Mamma Mia, Dancing Queen and Waterloo. I give this show out 20 out 20 cause it was such an amazing show and I enjoyed it. I just wish it'd come back to the stage cause I would go see it for a second time around. Was a great show and worth missing half day of school as we didn't get back till late. I could of even missed an entire day of school too cause I slept in so late but that was 21 - 22 years ago when I saw the show live on stage. I hope you guys enjoyed this review and I know I have other review in the back of my mind that I saw on stage which was awesome but that is for another day and another time, I will talk to you all tomorrow!


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