Thursday, February 24, 2022

The CBOTW Show-- Made Some Wrong Decisions

                  Without clearly thinking things through, I made decisions without thinking things clearly through. That is why Amy and I did a podcast to kind of clear the air on things and get things straightened out for the upcoming return on this podcast. We are still very much learning what works and what isn't going to work and I have been feeling overwhelmed with the podcast and getting things under way. One thing is I didn't do any research on shows being recapped on YouTube and that was one of the issues so hence one of the shows was moved to Audio ONLY and will be on Audio ONLY and you have to go and listen to our recent podcast: Video (YouTube) or Audio ONLY which are both hyperlinked here on the blog. There shouldn't be room for errors like for goodness sake I have taken down the trailer twice and now I have to make sure it is all true facts as we do not wanna get taken down for spam and deceptive practices especially on YouTube and again we did a podcast. 

                   Yes we have considered that we can take down the podcast as we are falsely advertising things but reason we did that extra podcast is to correct our mistakes. Yeah we may remove the podcast we did previously but that will be up to Amy and I if we take it down but  we might not, I've not been advised with it. Also between Larry and I there has been frustrations between the two of us with the way of tech issues but who said it was going to be easy especially during a pandemic and it hasn't been easy. Transitioning from in studio to Skype hasn't been easy on us. I know Larry, Amy and myself are looking forward to actually do podcasts in studio and it will happen in due time. Moving forward we need to make the right decisions and there should be a concrete plan when it comes to deciding things. That is my post for today and I will talk to you all tomorrow.


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